Classic Brocante’s 12 Days of Christmas

christmas 2017 - 12 days of Christmas

12 Days of Christmas

To celebrate the official 12 days of Christmas (starting on Christmas Day, not 14th December as many Americans have been led to believe), we’ve made our list, and checked it twice, containing some items which we think will fit in well with the traditional 12 Days of Christmas song. We hope that you like them! Each one is for sale on our eBay store. Merry Christmas everyone!

Franc, Karen and Tom

12 Drummers Drumming

Learn to become a drummer with this 1920s vintage The New Music Educator Textbook.

Vintage 1920s The New Music Educator

BUY IT NOW – £9.83

11 Pipers Piping

Not that kind of pipe, but how about a mid-century green pipe bowl? Put that up your pipe and smoke it, literally.


BUY IT NOW – £7.83

10 Lords A Leaping

This miniature antique lady portrait Roma silver brooch is sure to have all the lords a leaping!


BUY IT NOW – £85.83

9 Ladies Dancing

For the lady who loves to dance, here is a Vintage 1945 silver ballroom dancing medal from the Midland Association Teachers of Dancing.


BUY IT NOW – £9.83

8 Maids A Milking

With 8 maids gathering your milk straight from the cow, you’ll want a lovely Vintage retro Art Deco 1930s Royal Tudor yellow and violet 13-piece coffee/tea set to share it with your friends and family.

Vintage retro Art Deco 1930s Royal Tudor Yellow Violet 13 Piece Coffee Tea Set

BUY IT NOW – £35.83

7 Swans A Swimming

Well, they’re not swimming, and there are only five swans, but we think that’s pretty close. This is a wonderful piece of jewellery made of 930 Danish Silver by Erik Magnussen.


BUY IT NOW – £44.83

6 Geese A Laying

We had a great goose brooch pin for this one, but it sold recently, so here are a pair of egg yolk/butterscotch amber link cufflinks as a substitute.

Vintage Mid-Century egg yolk/butterscotch amber link square cufflinks

BUY IT NOW – £23.83

5 Gold Rings

We also just sold the only gold ring that we had listed, a lovely diamond engagement ring, but if you have five gold rings, or maybe even more, this Edwardian red leather travel cash box with a key may be what you’re looking for!


BUY IT NOW – £97.83

4 Calling Birds

You’ll only need two calling birds with this blue tit condiment set brightening up your dinner table.


BUY IT NOW – £14.83

3 French Hens

All the French hens love to see a cockerel strutting his stuff, and this 1980s Cloisonne Guilloche enamel brooch pin is a fine piece of jewellery for any occasion.


BUY IT NOW – £8.83

2 Turtledoves

If you’re into turtle doves, how about this Art Deco green enamel WW1 German peace dove sprung notepad. Perfect for fitting in your handbag or your pocket.


BUY IT NOW – £34.83

A Partridge in a Pear Tree

The partridge has flown away, and this certainly isn’t a pear tree, but it’s still a nice tree-filled brooch. Maybe the partridges will come flocking to you when you wear it!


BUY IT NOW – £9.83

If these don’t take your fancy, we have over 1700 other items for sale on our eBay shop.