Grandparenting in Scotland + 50p Purchases

Rare 50p coins header. Image by Royal Mint.
Rare 50p coins. Image by Royal Mint.

We have looked after our grandsons individually and with their mum and dad, but not together without supervision. In August 2017, we reported for duty in lieu of the childminder who was on holiday. We were in charge of both boys – help! There are less than 2 years between them, aged 3 and 1 respectively. The oldest of the two has become an astute negotiator at car boot sales – he could write a post for this blog! He has developed a crestfallen look at items above 50p and is not above saying `too expensive lady’. This is invariably successful and he returns home with 4 items for his £2 pocket money.

Their father has written a song which I will share with you in honour of our buying style. It is sung to the tune of `Oom Pah Pah’ from the musical Oliver.

‘There’s a little Papa,
Who lives in a camper,
He hangs around with Nanny for all of the day,
Going to car boot sales,
In the Yorkshire Dales,
He won’t buy stuff unless it is just 50p.’

Tayport and Whitby Car Boot Sales

Tayport car boot is a Saturday car boot in Fife. It is better for children’s toys than antiques but we did pick up a number of working mid-century clocks. Westclox made clocks in Scotland form 1948-1988 in Dumbarton. There are always examples to be found. We picked an unusual orange enamel alarm clock which we sent to Japan????. Link

On the way back from Scotland this time, we drove South East to Whitby. We love Whitby. The car park is motorhome friendly, the Abbey provides some haunting photo opportunities and the Whitby Memorial Hall Table Top sale is invariably on. If you get the chance, take a trip on the boat at the quay around the coast. It is reasonably priced and the skipper is a dead ringer for Si King from the Hairy Bikers.

We picked up a silver enamel Art Nouveau necklace in a Charles Horner style. It has subsequently gone missing. Franc is under suspicion of having hoovered it up but I have yet to establish a Prima Facie case.

On Sunday, Whitby car boot provides over 40 items of stock. Of these, 12 were 50p or less so there is some truth to the song.

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