5 Things To Learn From Channel 4’s Star Boot Sale


As you may well know, we at Classic Brocante are no strangers to car boot sales! So we were delighted to see a brand new car boot sale based TV show air on Channel 4 last week, titled ‘Star Boot Sale’.


What is Star Boot Sale?

The show’s premise is simple: 5 celebrities are given a van, stylishly branded with their faces and a bunch of stars, to fill with items that they can find in their homes to sell at the car boot sale. All of the profits will go to each celebrity’s chosen charity, with the contestant making the most money receiving an extra £1000 for their charity.

The show has 5 episodes a week, on Monday to Friday at 5:30pm on Channel 4. Each week, the 5 contestants are at the same car boot sale, which gives them all an even chance of selling their goods. The series contains 20 episodes, split into 4 x 5 episodes sets. So far, the first two weeks have aired, with Olympian Colin Jackson rounding off the second week. But who will win the extra cash for their chosen charity this week?

The Story So Far – Star Boot Sale – First Two Weeks

Week one was held at Huntingdon Racecourse Car Boot. The celebrities featured in this episode were comedian Joe Pasquale, Made in Chelsea’s Sam Thompson, TV presenter Anthea Turner, model Nancy Sorrell and pop star Michelle Heaton.

Week two’s contestants were sent to Cheddar Car Boot Sale. They were presenter/former-model Melinda Messenger, The Only Way Is Essex (TOWIE) star Amy Childs, TV property expert Martin Roberts, radio DJ and TV presenter Sarah Jane Crawford and GB Olympic medallist and world champion hurdler Colin Jackson.

So, we think that there are a few things that any aspiring car booters can learn from this show….and here they are. Don’t worry, there are no spoilers for the show here!

Star Boot Sale – 5 Tips For Buyers

Carry plenty of cash

Whilst most items at car boot sales won’t leave much of a hole in your wallet, there will be a handful of sellers who are aiming to shift their high-end items, so if that’s what you’re looking for, make sure that you have the cash so you don’t miss a great deal because of insufficient funds.

Sellers don’t always know what things are worth

Many sellers will be savvy buyers themselves, and generally the more they know about an item, the more likely it will be well-priced. However, a lot of items at car boot sales may be under-priced, or you may be able to haggle on the price – see our guide to haggling at car boot sales – so there could still be a good deal to be had.

Look around before the sale opens

If you’re also selling at a car boot sale, you will get a chance to look around the other stalls before the sale opens. Whilst you are not allowed to buy before the sale opens, there is nothing wrong with inquiring and getting the lay of the land. You may find something that you want to buy later in the day.

Send in the kids

This won’t always work, but sometimes sellers will have a soft spot for children and will let items go for much cheaper if the child enquires on your behalf. This probably only works with young children and once they are teenagers, this probably has no effect.

End of the day bargains

A lot of sellers don’t want to take their items home with them, and so as the end of the car boot sale approaches, prices may be slashed. Bargains can definitely be had this way so if you can stand to wait, you can really get a good deal at the end of the day.

Star Boot Sale – 5 Tips For Sellers

Presentation, presentation, presentation

Pretty much the first rule of a car boot sale as a seller is to make your stall look as attractive as possible. Whilst some buyers like a good rummage, if you have high-value items, display them proudly – but keep your eyes out for any unsavoury characters as thefts at car boot sales can happen.

Get a good spot

If you arrive late, you are unlikely to secure a prime position at a car boot sale. Arriving early gives you plenty of time to set up without having to rush through it, and allows you to make your stand look appealing to the buyers.

Get to know your neighbours

Although you’re all competing in a way, unless your neighbour is selling very similar items to you (in which case, you should rethink your positioning), becoming friendly with your neighbours is good practice, as they may have some insider info on the car boot sale, and it could even result in a sale. Nearly all sellers are buyers too!

High-end? Long odds

One thing that is clear from Star Boot Sale so far is that high-end items with high price tags (£250+) can sell, but generally only to people who think they can make a good profit on it themselves. If you’re needing cash quickly, car boots can be a good place to sell anything, but expect to make a lot less than at auction or selling on eBay if you are selling these at a car boot sale.

Smile and engage

With many sellers seeming disinterested in your business and more into checking their social media, stand out from the crowd by having a big smile, a loud voice and some friendly patter. Think like a greengrocer and you’re on the right lines.

So there we go. We hope you find these tips helpful!

Star Boot Sale – Coming Up Next

If the sound of Star Boot Sale has caught your fancy, you can catch up with the existing episodes on the Channel 4 website, and watch the next 10 episodes live on Channel 4, weekdays at 5:30pm, or anytime on catch-up. Here’s who is coming up on the show in the next couple of weeks:

Week three’s celebrities will be breakfast presenter Richard Arnold, reality star Paisley Billings, Olympic athlete Iwan Thomas, comedian Helen Lederer, and Gogglebox’s Sandi Bogle.

Finally, week four’s contestants will be former Conservative MP Ann Widdecombe, Brighton comedian Zoe Lyons, actor and comic Bobby Davro, model, TV presenter and reality star Vogue Williams and star of outnumbered, Tyger Drew-Honey.