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What is Brocante?

brocante. bro·cante. in France, a shop or market where second-hand goods are sold. Origin of brocante. French. – (YourDictionary.com)

What is Classic Brocante?

Classic Brocante is a husband and wife team, Franc and Karen Jackson. We are based in Rugby, England, which is
conveniently situated for both UK and European travel. Karen predominantly does the buying and listing. Franc does the logistics, packaging and shipping.

Franc and Karen Jackson (Classic Brocante) – April 2017

We love to travel and our trusted motorhome takes us to many buying opportunities. At the end of each trip, we sleep with our finds. We then sell our acquisitions through our eBay and ETSY shops. Currently, with have over 1700 items available for sale.

How did Classic Brocante begin?

Whilst downsizing an elderly relative, we became addicted to car boot sales, buying more than we were selling! We started to sell a few items on eBay by auction and soon were told we were trading. Some items of no interest to a UK market sold internationally. On our holidays in France, we found Vide Greniers and Brocante markets. Classic Brocante was a fusion of classic British items and French discoveries.

What do we sell?

When we are visiting an area of the UK or in Europe, we identify those products that are iconic to each area. For example antique amber in the Baltic countries, Danish silver, enamel kitchenalia in France, jet jewellery from Whitby and clocks in Germany.

Vintage Retro Art Deco 1930s Japanese Octagonal Enamel Tea Caddy – Classic Brocante

One of our biggest sellers is vintage costume jewellery, which is predominantly priced at below £10.

We identify any fashions in vintage and antique items and try to satisfy customer wishes.

We always have many unlisted items so if we do not have what you are looking for please ask us.

Where do we sell?

We have eBay and ETSY stores that are updated daily with new listings.

We also sell directly to customers, studios, hotels and local people.

Classic Brocante on eBay

Classic Brocante on ETSY

Where do we buy?

We buy when we travel at car boot sales, antique fairs, antique shops and emporiums, selected charity shops and table-top sales. Vide Grenier in France, Loppemarked in Denmark and Trodelmarkt in Germany provide our most interesting items. If we see the word ‘Antik’ our motorhome comes to a quick halt!

See what we have to look through to find our stock!

In the American Picker’s style, we are freewheel and stop at any garage or yard sale. 

We restrict ourselves to 2 or 3 auctions a year as we tend to spend far too much.

How can you contact us?

Find our full contact details on our CONTACT US page.

Twitter – @classicBrocante

Facebook – @classicbrocante


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